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Around our third year in college, we realized that our medical school experience heavily depended on the type of medical school we attended, and that students from different universities were presented with vastly different opportunities. 

We wished for a place where all of us as students can connect, where we can all share our passions, our skills, and even our struggles. A community where one can feel like they belong and are able to prosper. 

We wished for a place like Gauze, and that is how Gauze was born. 

Why Gauze?

Believing that opportunities should be available to all, and that it is simply a matter of diligent practice to get true mastery in any skill, we created Gauze to allow students from as early as their basic years to cultivate and work on their skills. Whether you are in your first year or your last, you can gain knowledge and experience in any skill you desire, while also being in a community supporting you through your journey. 


Our Story 
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